Why making your brain uncomfortable is a way of self-growth

I sat down at the window seat in the bus on my way to work on one morning. I am a loyal follower of Success Magazine on Facebook. I came across an article about why your uncomfortable brain means you are growing. I read through it and felt excited all of a sudden, making me want to share it with you.

What do you feel in your very first interview after graduation? Were there butterflies in your stomach? How about your very first presentation to your client? Do you feel the same?

At that point of time, we have no other choice but to nail itwe have to do it anyway. The only feeling most people have is uncomfortable. Their brain suffers due to anxiety, lack of confidence, fear of failure, nervous (being the centre of attention) and etc.

On the other hands, how do you feel after it fisnishes? RELIEVED! Yes! That’s the first word coming out from them. No matter what the result is, your brain can at least relax.

I guess everyone knows how it feels. In my very first job after graduation as a calibration technician in the lab, the process of learning this new skill was extremely torturing. You just could not get it done correctly. I felt so depressed. I had no other choices as I needed the job. I could only improve myself by practising and let my pride crushed on the floor – when they say “you are just not good enough“.

The following 2 years, luckily she still let me stay on the job, there was a global universal testing for each chosen lab in Singapore for this calibration skill. My result was one of the best out two people in our company. I was extremely happy as my manager mentioned it; she said “you surprised me! I almost gave up on you last year“.

As of now, I have a completely different job scope. I moved out of my comfort zone from working in a lab and trying this Business Development Executive in Life Science industry, so called Sales people – I am still in the same industry as before.
I am still learning; learning from different people everyday as you meet them.

It is totally not comfortable. You have to develop your people skill, by talking and promoting your products. In every meeting, I have this feeling of scared, nervous and insecure. To kill off these feelings, I only know I have to learn more about my products, observe the customers, try different ways of selling techniques and keep on practising until I obtain that confidence in talking. That’s why the whole thing is just so uncomfortable even until now; yes because I am still learning.

Don’t you realize that in every steps of learning new things, your brain exerts uncomfortable feelings? It is so uncomfortable that you want to give up or quit.
What happen if you pass this stage? You innerself grow!

That’s why I feel so excited about this article. It does make sense. It is so true! How could people (maybe me?) not realizing this?
People complain so much when they have work issues. People refuse to stand in the centre or on stage because of fear. They want something easy that make them feel relax. They avoid all the hardships. They want to do less while earning more.

But, don’t you realize there is a eureka moment right after every hardship? Don’t you want to feel it? Without you knowing, you have already added on another bullet in your list of experiences. Without you realizing it, you have just got a new skill, discovered something other people don’t, won a big tender, earned more money and so on.

Those of the above are just add ons in your life. What is really happening? You are growing! Your mindset grows. As your brain survives the hardship, it becomes the winner of all. As your brain grows, you know how to execute that new skill and the last outcome is self-pleased. In Science, it is more like hospital patients, your body develops antibody against that disease once you recover.

So, Do Not be Scared. Do not give in to those inconveniences you feel. Try your best to fight it and keep moving. You will treasure that difficult process of learning. You make yourself grow when your brain is the most uncomfortable.

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