Being an entrepreneur?

I was born in a family who run a small business. I studied hard, learnt and achieved good grades from a good university. I applied for jobs and started earning money for myself. My mom is my motivator. She is always there during the ups and downs of my working life. She feeds me spiritually, psychologically and emotionally.

Since I started my first job here in Singapore, once in a while, I have had a thought of opening a small business – be your own boss, being an entrepreneur. Can anyone from any background become an entrepreneur? What mindset and thinking do they have when they decide to become one? I am curious to know this. In my thought, I won’t be working for others for the rest of my life, right? However, in Singapore, people do this. In a developed country, most people will become employees.

4 years back, I tried becoming an affiliate marketer – digital marketing. It was not as booming as now back then. There were some people succeed and a lot of them failed due to lack of perseverance. I tried, I paid for my web hosting, for a website that was half done. I failed. Once you failed, you had a thought that this is impossible for you to do. You just can’t.

This entrepreneurship came into my mind again around a year after my failure in digital marketing. I wanted to try being a sales person in Multi Level marketing industry – the one with pyramid system, the more money you earn if you are at the top. Guess what? YES! It’s another failure for me. I spent quite a number of money as my capital to join in this industry and I failed. Instead of making money, I made a lost. It was really painful and stressed.

I guess not everyone could be an entrepreneur even though she was born from an entrepreneur. 

I start a new journey today. I get up from my failure. I want to learn more and try my perseverance to become an entrepreneur. I listen to a lot of success stories from podcast, online articles, magazine and books. I do not know where it comes from but I just got this on fire spirit surround me in an instant – being honest, it all started after i read Forbes’ article about Bucketlist Bombshells.

One day when I jogged together with my husband, I listened to podcast from Creative Empire – Podcast that helps to discover success stories of women and their journey to become success. The topic was about to become entrepreneur.

Shanna Skidmore was the guest of episode 120 on the podcast and she discussed about a survey that stunt me out when I jogged.

being an entrepreneur means taking risks. People need to understand how to become an entrepreneur risk instead. Nowadays, what is really happening is 5% of people do not care what they do but they only want to become an entrepreneur. However, the other 95% care about what they do and they happen TO BE an entrepreneur”.

I belong to the 5% group. Yes, that is true. This opens up my mind and heart in an instant for the reason why i failed. Not only because it lacks of perseverance but because i do not put my heart to it. I do not care what I do. All i think about is just money. I want to become rich and successful. Here, the biggest challenge and problem is nothing else other than myself. My mindset is wrong.

If you are given a chance to know this before you start everything, isn’t it much easier? You can direct your path in a right way. So, sharing is caring. I hope this may help people who want to become an entrepreneur; should they plan and care for what they want to become.

My life’s goal and resolution for this is to spend more time for myself to think over the things I would like to do and I care about. So, when I start doing it, it grows together with me and my perseverance. Instead of focussing on getting money, people should focus more on doing what they can for their business and operation, in which money will follow after that. Doing this and if you get successful in the near future, your heart will feel great. A lot of success stories I read and listened to doing things they love for their business and only afterwards the success follows. Let’s start changing our wrong mindset to enter a correct path for being an entrepreneur.



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