Science Research on a CHIP??

I do like and mostly am interested in all motivational stuffs. Something that makes you feel good on the inside. How about not only your feelings but your body as well? That’s what Life Science Research do. Back then in 2013, a Bio Researcher, Geraldine Hamilton, from TED Talk discussed about inventing human body parts on a chip. This is a very fantastic investment that I have come across so far.

The idea focuses on the limitation of Science Research whereby just to create and manufacture one type of drug to cure disease, researchers have to go through lab experiments, in vivo studies using animal models (animal testing), and clinical trials (human testing). The sacrifice made on the stages of animal and human testings are horrific. You would not be able to imagine what will happen to the animal models, or even humans, when the discovery goes wrong. Besides, the timeline for the discovery takes quite a long time to just discover or create one particular drug for a specific disease.

In order to minimise the duration and the cost of finding as well as the sacrifice required, having human body parts on a chip helps a lot. You can imagine the future where drugs will be discovered without any sacrifice needed for animals or humans.

Indeed, some labs in Life Science industry, not only in Singapore but all over the world, have already been starting developing this chip. They start to focus on developing the system/platform that serve as human body parts with the end goal of creating a cure to a particular disease.

The main goal of developing the chip is to mimic human’s organ to get a cure/drug be tested on that particular organ. Therefore, human clinical trials can be minimised and drug discovery duration can be shortened. Or they start to implement to do human testing only for a drug that is at least 90% safe. At last, it improves the quality of our lives in a bigger picture.

As the market of Life Science now is focusing more on curing the disease rather than the basic academic research (basic science), more and more people and scientist work together to trying to find the best cure for a certain disease. Let’s involve more and wait for an exciting news again from Science Research and keep everyone around you healthy.

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