How Being An Early Bird Boost Up Your Mood And Confident

Here comes my weekend. I should have said that this is a weekend well spent. Aside from 9-6 job from Monday to Friday, some people tend to spend time to rest more on the weekend. Therefore, waking up early in the morning is just not their thing. This happens to me some of the times too. However, not for this weekend of course.

Waking up early to feel the morning quietness does feel different. The cool breeze from the morning wind makes you embrace the refreshing feeling that forces you to look up to the sky and say Thank God for today. I am not sure for other people, but at least for me, this is a feeling I cannot describe. It is much more than just happy or maybe grateful is the best word. It boosts up your mood to face the day positively because you know you still have a lot of time for today and you have to use it wisely. Besides, it gives you more confident as well. Why? I don’t know, I just feel that way. I guess it could be due to the happy and positive mindset you have that contributes to your confidence – Confidence is a feeling that comes from the inside, therefore a positive mind will regulate a happy feeling and here comes your confidence.

Positive mindset is extremely crucial to start the day. You have to renew your mindset every day to be thankful for what you have received – from God. It is for you not to forget the disappointment or problem or mistake from the day before – either it’s from your workplace or any relationship or even family – but for you to think of that as a lesson learnt and change yourself to be a better person.

Morning plays an important part of the day. It is the start of the day. The start does not always have to be smooth and good. Rather than that, we should try our best to make a good start despite all the results afterwards.

By having a positive mindset and attitude to start the day, you will have more tendency to spend your time wisely than just doing nothing or so called resting. Of course resting is needed to restore our body, particularly for those unwell. But, spending time watching TV or drama the whole day is not resting. This typical lazy-ing habit will make you guilty for not spending your day wisely – at the end of the day.

You can have a try on waking up early in the morning and see how powerful its effect on your mood and mindset for the rest of the day. And, for sure, you would not just want to spend the whole day laying on your bed to watch TV or drama. You would have the urge to go out, socialising with friends or doing group activity which will make you even happier when the day ends. This is how being an early bird can actually renew your mood and mindset before you start the day.

At last, a weekend well spent is a good start for Monday. 🙂

It is the small things that sometimes contribute to the biggest part of your life, so be thankful and grateful each day for having a life to live on.

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