Book Review: GRIT – Why passion and resilience are the secrets to success

Grit – Why passion and resilience are the secrets to success by Angela Duckworth

Published by Vermilion London

Genre: Self Growth, Success

Pages: 333


Grit, by Angela Duckworth is such an interesting book for a discussion about success and how to achieve it. It is a great book that opens my minds and my thoughts and motivates me to say “with/without talent I could be successful as long as I have this characteristic called Grit; and of course hard work shall involve”. Therefore in this book, Angela explains about how people compare grit and natural-talent and also about how to grow grit in each individual in response to his surrounding and environment.

As Grit is about perseverance and passion, people have a mindset to view that a talented person is superior than a gritty person in terms of success. If we take a look into the formula of success, we need talent and effort to obtain skill (talent x effort = skill). And in order to get achievement, we need both skill and effort (skill x effort = achievement/success). It is very obvious that we need to double our effort to become successful. So, without looking at a more detailed picture, talent is overrated. Talent is important yet effort is twice as important as talent. This is the part I like the most; effort is valued twice.

Since each of us has our own dreams, we should know that we can grow grit within ourselves. By setting up a few short-term goals, these help us to see a clearer and bigger picture in how to achieve our long-term goals to be successful. Our short-term goals serve as a ladder for us to climb up and also help us to persevere and stay motivated.

Also as discussed in the book, we can grow grit from the inside out and from the outside in. For this, it is important to find our interests (job that interests us) and of course something that have realistic expectations. Doing something we like will keep us happy in the process. Intelligent practice comes afterwards. This practice is not an auto-pilot practice where you do the same thing everyday. It is a practice that counts the improvements. There must be some improvements/progress during the practice to get better in doing a job we like. Besides these, having a purpose in life in whichever job we choose to do is extremely important. It encourages and gives us motivation to continue doing it and enjoying it at the same time. Sometimes, practice may lead to rough patches; this is where hope plays a role. Hoping and encouraging ourselves that tomorrow will be better also contributes in growing grit in our minds.

Teachers and Parents do play a big role in future success when they reward hard work more than talent. Not every one is intelligent or talented. However, small rewards and encouragements for hard work contributes to our passion and grit. In my opinion, by joining a small group or a community (such as Facebook groups) for the same passion and interest, we can grow grit from the outside in as well. It’s because in a small group with the same mission or purpose, they will encourage and motivates each other.

All in all, Angela gives a real life examples in how to understand each topic in this book and also how to grow grit in ourselves. Let’s not discourage ourselves by looking down at our capabilities. Everyone of us is talented in our own way. If we are not talented or intelligent enough in what we are passionate to do, remind ourselves again that when we combine hard work and grit, we will be successful.

Let’s get motivated!



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